Monday, January 16, 2012

What's your {frame} style?

You love frames, and we do, too!

It's January. So, a good time for a cleanout of our 'back room'. There, bins of frames, 'ala naturale' - still in their wood tones, had been collected over time for a project that hadn't happened.

So....we worked on this project for you~

Painted, glazed, distressed - now in full graphic glory as a frame wall.

Colors peek through - like the aqua in the photo above, and here - metallic gold.

Which shape is your favorite?

So many styles!

All with our great prices, of course~

Take like items, group them - eh voila!- a collection, a style statement. We can't wait for you to stop by and choose yours~
On Saturday afternoon, this stylish gal was dressed in remnants of a satin beaded dress and crisp ivory baker's parchment paper. More on her style coming this week, happy Monday to you~ TERESA


Rhonda@restoredtreasurestoo said...

I am a frame freak, I love them all!

TERESA said...

Thanks Rhonda!