Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Two ALAN pieces to show you today~

First, his newly arrived console is a special piece, in total ALAN style. Note how the drawer style mimics the horizontal glass door panes~

Professional standards all the way: his drawers (four on this cabinet, with dark bronze pulls) always have glides.

Dimensions: granite 72x19; cabinet height 35"

Along with his great paint/glaze finishes, details as in the latches all come together

'River of Gold' granite

Console back

Finished on all sides, it would be a great placed as a room divider, don't you think?

Alan paneled side-view, 19" deep
This size and style is popular for many rooms, and makes a great media cabinet, too~

The 'Vickie'

#2~ A grand custom island, (note the antique iron brackets) shown in Alan's workshop just before going 'home'~

Vickie has just about completed a total hands-on kitchen remodel - she was grouting the floor tile when I called to tell her her island was ready!

Let's wrap up with our fabulous, fresh forsythia - it's showing up around town. My sister Jeanne visited a local salon last night, and there it was!
And, here is my daughter Rachel's forsythia at home. She loved it so much she snapped this impromptu photo~ What a bright sunny feel the forsythia give us in the shop, too. ~TERESA

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