Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring and PARIS in the Atelier~

Resetting, restocking - it's feeling fresh & great in the Atelier!
Spring, of course, in the styling and....


Our west window welcomes you with a petite linen chaise, toile panels, aquas & golds~

These freeform faux silks now sit atop the chaise~

Rusty cloche towers are greened-up with faux wreaths; more bronzed campaign tables are here!

PARIS is definitely in the Spring air here - note the pink silk tufted headboards~

Great old wheels with our nest clips~

We have a lot of different wheels to choose from~

Yellow necklace beads posed with fresh forsythia~

French (yes!) Easter grass - we'll be bagging it up, I brought it home for you. PARIS items are still arriving, and touches are showing up in the Atelier - but it will be a few weeks before it's on the shop floor (our April in PARIS event will offer the grand displays of goods)~

PARIS letter blocks~

-- and soft blue paper napkins

Tiny topiaries

PARIS metro banners

Easy and light to hang - shown on the wall here. A great graphic statement~

We're barely two weeks away from our APRIL 3, 5-6-7 Market - and we're adding pieces by the day. ~TERESA

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