Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sunday Load 3-25-12

It's been a while for Sunday Load photos! This first shot looks like it could be a PARIS shop window - Frenchy chair and green glass bottle (macrame removed by today~).
Mirrors, trunks, four cases of clear bottles~

Industrial trunk - just waiting for big old casters~

Tables, wingback chair pair, and look at that huge canvas leaning in the background~

On to more great stuff here - you won't go far in the shop without seeing fresh moss~

And, another new ALAN piece - more to be shown on this soon~

And, now let's switch to tiara detail (I'm all over the place today)

Lots of styles, all $5.95 to under $10~

The best reason for showing them off today is so that you can meet our tiara models: Katarina and Bella. Too sweet, right? ~TERESA

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