Sunday, April 29, 2012

April in PARIS 2012: 'the staff'

Do you think we had as much fun at April in PARIS as our guests??  OUI!  Meet some of the people who made April in PARIS a grand day~Stephanie & Brenda (friends & associates of the shop)

 My sisters Pat, Jeanne & Mary (not shown: Sharon, who was here, too!).  I wouldn't be here without the support of my family & friends~
 Lynn & Jolie (also friends & associates of the shop) & Rachel (my daughter)
 Alan (yes: Alan the cabinet maker/married to my niece Theresa.  Theresa was also here that day and not photographed) & Chef Adam (my son)
 Kim (friend & associate) & Stephanie
 Chef Adam found a few moments to talk with our guests
 Jake (my great nephew) & all around trooper - here he is bringing one of the French goods/prize baskets from the apartment to the shop~

 Jolie (friend/shop associate) doubled as photographer and then afternoon florist that day~
 Kari (friend/associate), shown showing off her favorite Frenchy necklace custom made by Brenda at Autumn Place Arts)
 Lori, friend/shop associate
Teresa Rose (friend/shop associate)

 Susan (friend/associate/floriste extraordinaire~)
 Susan's daughter Georgia didn't get in a photo?  She was here, too.
MERCI beaucoup to each of you!  We love smiles~  Photo credit: Kim Yeager (thanks again!)

Many more April in PARIS photos to be posted here.  I'll intersperse them throughout this week with our May Market posts - our daily work and the event all intertwined throughout the month, so that makes perfect sense.  Thank YOU!  ~TERESA
Not caught in a photo: Anne, Cassie, Debbie, Doris, Lisa, Mary J: (all friends/shop associates) & Shannon (friend) & Sophie (friend)

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Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

What a fun event. I miss coming out there.... Soon my schedule will open up again.