Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bringing back memories~

 All good: memories of growing up and my maternal grandparents on their Loretto, Minnesota farm~
I remember Grandma sending us out to pick the first Spring dandelion greens.  She then made a salad with hot bacon/vinegar dressing - I remember not liking it and wondering what the adults were making such a big deal about - eat dandelion greens?  A Spring tradition at Grandma's (that's the only time she used the greens), fondly remembered now.

What started that jolt of good memories?  This hand-written recipe for dandelion wine in a 'found' recipe box.
I've never had dandelion wine, have you?  But, how many of us have a fond memory of a dandelion bouquet picked and presented by a five-yr old? 
Can you read the recipe?  I love the handwriting, the step by step directions - passed from friend to friend, family to family?

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and the start of a summer filled with memory-making.  ~TERESA

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