Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple Enough #36: naturals~

In the Atelier today, vintage slip ruffles, doilies, lace and fabric scraps have been folded and wrapped into blossoms.   It's all about the details~ 

 Textiles stacked in vintage cases
Their colors are subtle,
 ...and go well with parchment and burlap~
Large canvas bag, with webbed belting and rope

 Signs on burlap~

 We have a huge floor basket of vintage neckties - quite a jumble of color they are.  Well, pull out like colors, eh voila - pleasant to my eye~
 Grays are among my 'naturals', too.

 And, chippy plaster on frames~

 I've always loved the soft gold in old swing-arm curtain rods
 Painter's cloth now dresses this ottoman

 Natural bristles on old brushes~
And, always - the excitement of everything yet to find - for me - AND for you!  We're filling up, anticipating our JUNE Market.  There's a full Sunday load in the van this morning, and more to show you soon!  ~TERESA

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