Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sunday Load 5-13-2012

 What a gorgeous day for a road trip!  The junking finds were out there waiting for us~
 Fun/full/I'm excited!

 Where to begin?  Bring it all in.
 Great old canvas bag and a big old green pulley
 Primitive table, and great buckets
 Here's a close-up of the base in the previous photo - I wonder what it was for?
 Good suitcases and trunks.  See the blue piece on the left?  It's a revolving base for the round aqua display tabletop, shown below~
Six pots, perfectly sized for the plant stand outside the Atelier.  Junking lesson for the day: let it find YOU - isn't that more fun? 
 Old wiry gate, great blue/green crib spring
 Couldn't resist the color on this paneled door~
And, here's that tabletop I mentioned earlier~
You never know what you'll find at The PORCH & Atelier, but it all works so well together.  Alot of primitives in this load (all to be cleaned up), and next time, maybe I'll find ornate mirrors and upholstered furniture - it's all good, and I love it!  ~TERESA

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