Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great neighbors!

 Who wouldn't love to have a 'Rustic Garden' just a few doors down?
 Look at my view just across the lot from the back PORCH courtyard.  The 'Rustic Garden' is in full swing for summer~
 Then, walk over and inside - oh, the fresh colors, gorgeous and interesting displays, vibrant plantings and settings - what a treat!
 I admire how they've turned a piece of 'parking lot' into an oasis.
 The dahlias had just arrived when I was there.
 Looking around, there's something to admire everywhere you turn. get a full sensory experience here: color, scent, and sound.
 A favorite of mine: mixed white/blue lobelia baskets.
 I've never seen this color of coleus~
 Walk further in and experience the shade garden. Madeleine Peyroux is softly playing in the background - can it get much better?

Stop by, meet Leslie & Stephanie, and find out more on Facebook: The Rustic Garden     ~TERESA

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