Friday, June 22, 2012

SATURDAY loads: x two and JUNK BONANZA!

The past two Saturday mornings, I've had this bag packed and ready to go with all the essentials: water, check - bandaids, check- pry bars, check- you get the idea~

 And, for two full Saturdays, the weather cooperated - mostly sunny and not too hot~
 Week two of able help: Alan (famous cabinet builder Alan! and Andrew, his son) - and, sister Jeanne was there, too.  During the first Saturday cleanout, we missed photos of Adam (chef son) and Jake (great nephew)....the camera wasn't on that checklist!
 Work work work, stack it all up~
 Getting some of the stuff was alot of dirty work!
 But, all worth it~
 One of several cabinets~
 And, as the day went on, that pile grew.

 Loaded and ready to go to storage for now~
 We somehow managed to make room for it~
For now, organized and stacked - everything will be prepped for JUNK BONANZA!  As of today, 82 days and counting - I'm so excited!
You'll be hearing much more about our plans for our petite shop at the 'best junk round-up in the nation'.  ~TERESA

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