Sunday, July 29, 2012


Thanks to Jeanne Cummings for snapping this Instragram shot of the great floral plantings on the fence as you approach our building.  Credit for the gorgeous plantings and their maintenance goes to our fine City of Buffalo~
Opening time is here again!
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Did you know this will be our 116th Market??  
116 occasional sales.  W O W.  And, I'm still loving the hunt, the finds, the surprising restoration results ---all the great people with me, and everyone we meet here!
Let's take a look at some of what's here; like furniture and frames
Books, and more books.  Great topics/great color & look.

Hook racks
We've had all month to restock all styles of mirrors, of course~
Wall shelf, sitting on a mattress roll for now~
Three styles of our popular clocks are arriving this week; in addition to the red oval and the brass ovals here now~
Wine cabinet

Chalkboards, windows
Frenchy dressers
Framed vintage maps
Vintage swing-arm curtain rods
There are two of these stands - sold as a pair~
 Oval table, drop leaves

 Love that old canning jar blue!

 Belts & clothing

Old bookcase with great original embellishments; Sheraton drop-leaf occasional table on the right

 The sofa fabric didn't photograph well, what looks like wear here 'isn't'

 This chair has a mate~
Ooh, we love it that we're coming into this great week!  OPEN Tues July 31 (9-noon); Thu-Fri-Sat August 2-3-4 (9-5); Sun August 5 (noon-5).  ~TERESA


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

And here's to many more markets...will make it your way yet this year!

TERESA said...

Nice comment, Kari - let me know when you're coming and we can get extra-excited! ~TERESA