Friday, July 13, 2012

That fresh palette again~

I love each part of the month here - every week is different, and good!We no sooner put our JULY Market behind us, and we can't wait to start all over again!

 Fresh looks, working on new pieces, finding it all, and filling this place up again~
 We brought the Sunday Load in, before the JULY Market was even over - but, we had to stack it and cover it up until we could deal with it this week.
 One of my favorite finds - you may think impractical for seating (although it's sturdy), but ooh lala what a French decorating statement!

 Our 'gloriette' shows up in alot of the mirrors we photograph~

 Freshly stocked with iron hooks and brackets

 The cheval mirror reflects a great bookcase
 Details.  These pots are small, and I actually have used a spoon when planting them
 Love the feeling of the medieval scene behind the wine candles
Whether we're winding down, winding up, hosting you at the shop, or out searching finds, we love it all!  ~TERESA


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I am just going to have to plan an August visit....looks like you are having a wonderful summer.

TERESA said...

Thanks Kari, we'd love to have you visit us! Nice of you to comment, TERESA