Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting it all home....

Have you placed/hung/designed your personal space with the new pieces you just brought home from The PORCH and Atelier AUGUST Market?  
Well, hats off to Haley and crew!
Haley found her perfect armoire at our JANUARY Market~

She fell in love with the details.  Haley has a great eye, and has found several special pieces here.  

The 'white elephant' in Haley's living room
Haley's armoire story: "I have been meaning to send these pictures to you & let you know the journey of that beautiful armoire you sold me.  Who knew finding and renting an oversized trailer and getting my husband, father-in-law and, brother-in-law to get it home (in one piece) was going to be the easy part!! ...... Sure I could have got it up there (to the second floor master bedroom) if I didn't account for the people to carry it up, oh and the narrow turn....oops! So that's when we called a moving company to see if there were any options... the only solution was to take out one of our back porch windows and get it lifted in. Of course there was still snow on the ground so it stayed in our living room for several months until the ground was solid enough to withstand the lift needed. It became nicknamed the white elephant as it was a big white elephant in the room! When it was lifted, it just made it (only a 2 inch clearance!) but all in one piece & is now in our room where it is supposed to be and it's so perfect! Thanks again!"

We love it when you share! 
I wonder if this friendly and capable crew is available for rent?  Love your house, Haley!  ~TERESA


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Wow...just wow!

TERESA said...

Thanks Kari, when Haley sent the photos, I was pretty surprised!