Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting ready for the SEPTEMBER MARKET!

Our popular flower magnets
 We're here, and loading this place up again!  Just in case you wondered where all the shop photos are lately, the behind-the-scenes is always happening - we never stop~
Beautiful blue chest, distressed and glazed.  Quality and gorgeous, too! 

Would you like to see more great color?

 You can always find books here~

 And frames, of course~
This hook rack was made from an old cabinet detail
 Hook racks
 And, a lot of them are made with old door headers~
 Key racks with metal labels - ooh!
 Hauling in, and...
 Reproduction santos
 This one is a suitcase box

And, we have treasures from Chicago~
 OK - see the chair in the west window?  We love newly upholstered!
 Soft, pale gold toile linen
 Her proud profile
Complete with pillow.  Recognize the headboard from the KARE11 dorm staging?
 Details, like button tufting
 And nail head trim
Wrap that all up with a $135 price tag, and what else can be said?
We will be OPEN Tues September 4 (9-12); Thurs-Fri-Sat September 6-7-8 (9-5); Sun September 9 (12-5).  Keep an eye here, there's so much more to show you, TERESA

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julieann said...

I love this blue chest. Reminds me of a pc my Mom had when I was a kid. I think I may have to come see this for myself. :)