Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our JUNK BONANZA profile - and more~

Thanks JUNK BONANZA! for posting The PORCH & Atelier profile.  Click the frames photo to link to it~

We had a great time in Chicago! (And the buildings weren't sideways...)
Loved the massed plantings all along Michigan Avenue~
We flea marketed, of course~
These awesome doors came home with me!
OK - I need someone to hold my hand and make sure I go back for everything I buy.  Chef Adam will get to their next market; maybe they saved them for me.  Flea Market vendors are pretty nice.
Partially filled van - is our luggage in there somewhere?
I got to spend four days with my kids!  One of (daughter) Rachel's gardens the day we left to spend time with her brother Adam in Chicago~
Fun news!  Rachel and I are designing and staging a dorm 'on a dime' this Thursday!
I started making 'idea/inspiration' stacks last Friday~
We'll let you know when it airs, OK?

OH - we choose the JUNK BONANZA giveaway winner on Friday 8/16.  Be sure to enter on the giveaway post!  Whew, too much fun! TERESA

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