Monday, September 10, 2012

A great day for JUNK BONANZA loading~ part ONE

Have you seen Maren's awesome chalk writing?
We're almost ready to go!  
 Getting ready takes a lot of help - and I'm the luckiest person when it comes to great people here with me!  As we filled a 24ft trailer with pieces from the shop, Anne and Maren staged the Atelier entrance and windows- this is what you now see from our front corner door~
Maren spent the day painting more pieces while we packed and loaded
If you didn't know we've loaded up to set up shop at JUNK BONANZA, you might wonder at the site inside the door.  It's pretty empty in here!  
 Half-full 24ft trailer - we ended up packing it floor to ceiling - and still had more stuff.  If you know me, you aren't surprised - you've seen Sunday load photos?
 Able help: JAKE!  He'll be at BONANZA with me every day!
 Greg!  You haven't met him - we just met this morning.  I'm very lucky he's a great packer!
 How and when will we get ourselves ready for the big event?  No worries, JUNK BONANZA is casual, relaxed and fun!  
 So, while we move our act to a new location for a few days....
 .....we're looking forward to gaining new experiences and friends, while appreciating all we have here in Buffalo~

Sure couldn't do this without awesome, supportive and hard-working family & friends~  TERESA


meadowlark said...

Can't wait to see the petit magazin at the Bonanza! Go Teresa go!

TERESA said...

Merci KIM!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to meet y'all. I wish we could've stayed to see your fantastic display at the Junk Bonanza, but alas, Alabama called. Hope to be there next year. Your store is the BEST! Sally

TERESA said...

THANK YOU Sally from Alabama! Wow, I'm feeling quite great about your comment~ We hope to see you next year! ~TERESA