Monday, September 17, 2012

JUNK BONANZA & The PORCH & Atelier: part THREE

White wool chaise, original Edwardian with down cushion.  Her back and matching throw pillow are hiding behind the burlap pillow~
Let's talk about PORCH & Atelier JUNK BONANZA details!
 Upholstered linen chair, toile pillows~
 There were about 12 'washed gray' baskets with PARIS plaster fragments or brass details - we have more at the shop.
 Ruffly pattern tissue flower magnets (more at the shop, also)
 Can't see the full effect of the arched shutters, but they were a favorite, and hard to part with~
 Architectural peak top/left
 Ooh, our display wouldn't be complete without botanicals!  We loved our 'blushing bride' hydrangeas.  Visit The PORCH & Atelier Facebook page to see our botanical album for more.
 Layers and layers of good stuff~
 Basket turned cart when placed on an old buggy base.  There's one of our French grain sacks, too.  One more back at the shop.

Maren's chalk writing - LOVE.  
 Color & texture. 
 Tall door pair with iron & glass (Chicago, this August).  We can't wait to see them in all their glory - their new owner is installing mirror, and they'll be hung on a track as sliding closet doors!  We love it when you share your plans~

 Interesting side note.  We met a lot of people who of course didn't 'know us'.  Often-asked question about our PARIS-labeled goods?  Are these really from PARIS?  Oui.  Brought them back just for you.
 A favorite display (you know we keep it easy). PARIS plaster fragments nestled in French newspaper.

 Vintage book pages, bound with French twine & ribbons, along with....
 .....the PARIS plaster fragment appliques on those baskets - were assembled by Ariel.  Ariel, an ASU textiles major, interned with us this summer.  We miss you Ariel, and wish you could have been here with us!
Another favorite of mine? Oak leaves in a cool iron trough - which even had a strap handle across the center.  Thanks for visiting us here, and at the Bonanza!  ~TERESA


julieann said...

Enjoyed your booth. Wanted to say hello but you were busy talking to a member of your team

TERESA said...

Hello julieann. I'm so sorry about that! I would have loved connecting with you.