Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our 9-16-12 SUNDAY LOAD!

 We were right back at it - gathering finds the morning after JUNK BONANZA~
 The load includes 5-6 of these cool iron stool bases (vintage = short)
 We've begun our fresh re-staging of the Atelier with the west window....
 ....where the gloriette now stands.  The 'top' has hung over our checkout for a while, but who felt like hanging it back up on Saturday evening?  Not me~  So, we'll enjoy it standing in all its glory from now through the holidays~ 
Hanging inside the gloriette is our new-found glass chandelier (from SARA at JUNK BONANZA)~
As promised, we're back at it in Buffalo, getting ready for our OCTOBER 2012 Market and better than ever!  TERESA

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julieann said...

:) I thought I recognized that Chandi. I was just about to ask... I looked at that baby twice at JB..