Monday, September 17, 2012

The PORCH & Atelier & JUNK BONANZA 2012, part TWO

 What a great experience!  Let's look at a few highlights from the event~
Wednesday evening (9-12), set up and ready to call it a day, excited for opening Thursday morning~
 Most of our JB photos are dark (even after correcting them - why did I take about 250 pics?)
 Our front/left grand buffet vignette, just about ready~
 Moving, reworking - we love staging!
 Alan built an awesome mid-size island; it's now at home in North Dakota.  We didn't sell everything - we did bring some pieces back to the Atelier.  Just let me know if you're wondering about what's available.
 Working with a lot less space than the Atelier, somehow it all worked out beautifully~

I have so many people to thank.  First, all of the great people who attended the show - as well as the JUNK BONANZA staff.  Here's Jake again (and a friendly customer, sorry I didn't get your name).  Jake was with us from loading day until we unloaded here Saturday evening~
That's ALAN on Saturday - on the far right.  Love the apple branch garland?  We added it on Friday morning before opening~
 More great shoppers!
Rachel (my daughter) was with us, too.  Not pictured (but just as appreciated!) are Anne, Ariel, Doris, Greg, Jeanne, Kari, Maren, and Mary. 

Watch for part THREE and photos of the details.  We're feeling very happy/satisfied-- and lucky to have been a part of it.  ~TERESA

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