Friday, October 19, 2012

shop inspires the third floor apartment

 On Tuesday, we mounted vintage tin panels to a fence wall in the PORCH level - and we're still patting ourselves on the back over the results (even though all we did was screw it to the fence - the tin should get all the credit)~  
 The embossed wreath tin is old, aged, burnished, painted, chippy and even rusty in spots.  Which equals all the right qualities for me and this awesome 1902 building!
View from master bedroom to kitchen; you can see a bit of the ceiling (2011)
 I had trouble finding a third floor apartment kitchen photo that showed the ceiling.  Because I don't exactly like that ceiling.  It's clean, white, 10' tall (yay!), trimmed in great old cove molding. It's also that 60's fiber-like tile.....
Tiered prism ceiling light inside an ornate carved 'cage' in the original planked and beamed apartment living room
You see, I have some pretty great ceilings in this old place.  Thanks to talented friends and family who are willing to tear out old plaster and then implement my vision~
 Here's another peek at that kitchen ceiling in Country Living magazine, March 2010
A new idea evolved from this shop project.  I've been dreaming of a 'punch' for the kitchen, and there is enough tin to cover the kitchen ceiling! A lot of people ask if the apartment has original tin ceilings as in the Atelier shop level - (mais, non~)
I adore laurel wreaths with their symmetrical leaf and berry circles, especially if that classic tin pattern repeats.  I'll let you know how about progress - a winter project, for sure - and of course it will be 'easy', right?  I'll take photos of the mess it creates!

Have a great Friday, TERESA 

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