Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Atelier today~

Changing by the day, and we love the details!  You'll find burlap detail galore here.  We're painting, unpacking and enjoying October.  How about you?
Our popular flower magnets, at $4.95, with great aged colors - they have it all
Fresh bittersweet from Connecticut.  We sold through the northern Minnesota bittersweet, and were so happy to have these brought in.  Full bunches, $7
Colorful pods, drying nicely~
Beautiful draped in this table setting~
Burlap placemats are coming next week (same style as our 36 and 48" runners).  As each new season rolls in, I think of new uses for our burlap bags.
Botanical prints are restocked
Glass bell cloches have arrived (15" tall)
Glass blocks - the smaller/vintage style
I've been looking for vintage lighting - and it's finding me!
Just arrived, it all needs a 'once--or twice or....-over'~

(new) lantern

You're enjoying the colors?

I have to say I love silver with brown tones~

 The pepperberries are fresh and from New York~
The Sunday Load is still in the van, and I'm off to meet a window guy with a delivery!!  Have a great Sunday evening, TERESA

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