Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome, new year~

A favorite PORCH postcard, 2005 - now here we are, celebrating our 10th anniversary~
It doesn't get any better than being right here.  I'm so grateful for the everyday, and feel awed at the special opportunities of 2012 ('Dorm on a Dime with KARE11; JUNK Bonanza; 'FLEA MARKET STYLE' magazine mentions; SPACES magazine feature, and more~) which all came our way because of YOU~ 
Third floor apartment entry
So, we welcome you, new year~
PORCH postcard, 2006
And all the opportunity you'll bring in 2013~
 I guess that's what it's all about - celebrating and remembering, while looking ahead.

And especially, appreciating my family, friends, and the vendors here.  Thanks for being with me on this great ride, it couldn't happen without each of you.

Come along with us for a grand 2013!  ~TERESA

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