Friday, February 22, 2013

H O M E ~

PARIS is too wonderful, but it's so good to be back home~
Home.  With all the memories and inspiration of all we experienced.
 That feels pretty good, too.
Adam at Musee' Gustave Moreau
We made the most of each day - constantly on the go; and free to change plans when something else caught our fancy, and also stopping when we wished~
We definitely set our record for metro travel around the cite'!
 TWO flea markets!
My JUNK REVOLUTION "I see good junk everywhere' bag (purchased at Ki's shop, JUNK BONANZA 2012) was junking with me!

We marveled at the detail, abundance and perfection

And - the possibilities now open to us!  SO much more to show you - 'bonjour' to each of you for now~  TERESA
PS - APRIL in PARIS registration opens today, Friday February 22!  Call the shop: 763 684-1254, or email  Merci~

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