Monday, February 11, 2013

MERCI, au revoir~

 Our February Market is a wrap.  It's been the 'sale I leave for PARIS after', and here we are~
 Feeling all kind of fine and ruffly today!
 Twinkly excited, as the tour Eiffel at night - it sparkles on the hour!
 Can't wait to visit favorite restaurants~
 Admire architecture - eye candy is everywhere~
 Return to a favorite shopping area in the Village St. Paul
 Stop for cafe' or wine when we feel like it
 Ooh and aahh at every turn
  'Bonjour Madame DeJarlais'
 Half the fun is finding your way around
 And, ooh, we'll be flea marketing at least two days while there~
And bringing back what we can - for you - but of course~  
Then, celebrate with our grand April in PARIS event.  At The PORCH & Atelier, Saturday April 13.  We start taking reservations when I'm back - around February 21.  We're closed until that time, so we'll see you then!  a bientot, TERESA


BarbaraDoone said...

So glad you are now in Paris. Give my regards to the Portes de Vanves flea market! BarbaraDoone xo

TERESA said...

Merci Barbara, and I do love it when you write. I haven't forgotten, and will get back to you one of these days~