Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The event: April in PARIS 2013

 It was one of those grand times that days later still brings a smile to your face~  I'm feeling amazed at the smiling, very happy guests we hosted here on Saturday April 13.  Merci beaucoup to each of you~
 The weather has been dreary and chilly here (in Minnesota), so it was a fun getaway day!
 Flowers - color and freshness~

 Romaine (decided to turn to the side?)
 At one of our 'wait' stations in the Atelier-turned-bistro, a photo of a favorite bistro station at la Terrasse, PARIS.  Just looking at the photo takes you there - and don't you think it feels timeless?

 Chef Adam's menu du jour~  Served to rave reviews!  I hope you can enlarge to read?

 Prizes galore!
 Only the French would have plastic espresso spoons~
 Ooh la la - the entree', savory tomato/red pepper tarts.  Read the French description on the menu above - everything sounds so much better ala francais, mais oui?
 Shopping, the fabulous meal, dessert, prizes - then to the third floor apartment!
 I loved hosting everyone in my third floor home - you were all so complimentary and appreciative - oh my!
 Apartment entree (before the event)~
 Paris 'on a dime' I call it.  Epicerie (grocery store) candles.  Bring them home, cut the label off the box, all goes into a favorite jar - eh voila, I smile when I see this~  
 Entree' cabinet top
 Same cabinet - favorite old flatware in the jar
 This pretty much represents April in Minnesota right now: a fresh perennial (flax?) in an urn, wrapped in a dried ivy wreathlet with faux lily of the valley tucked in.
 Entree' from the salon
 The daybed, simply covered in a French linen sheet
 Closeup of monogram on the French sheet
 Office, off the salon - corner window to the left is over the Atelier entrance.  We've been wrapping some of the walls in old tin.
Lots of comments and talk on Saturday - newly staged prints on the bedroom wall.  I've always wanted to do it, and had all of the prints (stacked on the floor!).  When in Paris, I was inspired when at the Musee' Gustave Moreau. Check out the photos of his home - you'll see what I mean.

Merci beaucoup to all of our guests, and to the friends and family who made the event happen!  Erika Pirness of Portrait Lane graciously snapped photos all day, so what you're seeing now is just a teaser - more to come!  
Off to pack a huge trailer for JUNK BONANZA - we're taking our show on the road to Canterbury Park!  ~TERESA

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