Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Atelier today~

Large corbel pair
I'll show you just a few things making me happy just now - maybe I'm just happy to update you with how good it feels here?
Each photo today is fairly calm, showing detail.  Like this printer tray/drawer - they had gone out of style for a while.  Now they're recognized as perfect for sorting, storage and display~ 
Umm -- summer and fresh Pre de Provence soaps & several styles of glass candle votives 
Love simple lace
Stop and look details~
Structure and flourish~
We've been discovered!  By Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence blogspot  It's fun to see us through someone else's eyes, thank you Becky (note these photos are now larger - it's about time, great suggestion!!).
I was so happy to see the opening photo Becky chose for her 'New to me' post.  This great look belongs to Heather and Jenny at The PORCH & Atelier!
You know we love botanical - so we'll wrap up with apple branches and their tall, arcing, stately gracefulness (from our JULY Market - thank you to Nicole).  
This week, we'll start the August 1-2-3-4 Market staging, and update all those pieces we're finding for you!  Have a great week, TERESA

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