Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm entering - are you?

The ART of JUNK (click link for the JUNK BONANZA activities page)~
Have you heard about it?

I'm getting my entries (two!) ready right now.  You can enter online (directly from The ART of JUNK link) and read more about the contest.   Have fun, can't wait to see what you do!  ~TERESA

*Couldn't say it better: quoted from the JUNK BONANZA activities page:

*"Upcycling is an art! Join us for the first Art of Junk contest, open to Fall Junk Bonanza vendors and community artisans! We'll feature the best entries in several categories, from furniture to home and garden accessories to wearable art. The grand prize winner will get $500; cash prizes of $350 and $150 will be awarded for the second and third places as well. Enjoy the inspiration!"  


Meadowlark said...

Teresa, thanks for sharing this with your followers! The Junk Bonanza is honored to be part of the blog post at The Porch & Atelier!

TERESA said...

You're welcome! Happy to spread the JUNK BONANZA love~