Friday, October 25, 2013

Always looking ahead....

 Loving our wine candles - one of our newest scents is a hit: Apple Clove~
 Reproduction jars, but I'll take them~
 A find: vintage 30-40's corner cabinet, sturdy/ready to place at home.  Complete with arched window door and urn detail~
 PARIS - and what to do with shattered silk draperies?  Keep the pleated tops and decorate decorate decorate.
 By last night, the cart was filled with red dogwood twig bundles.

 Chair back

 Picture yourself right there!

 Pair of curved, three drawer chests.  $98 each.
Now all I need is a flight!
Karen (Grace and Company) has the perfect touch when designing, creating and staging her special/gorgeous jewelry for you.  Imagine what it's like to see and experience these pieces almost everyday--  I'm always figuring out which piece I'd like next.  You can be sure we'll be well-stocked with jewelry (we have three lines!) and other gifts in the next two months!
Our November 5/7-8-9-10 Market: Tues Nov 5 (9-noon); Thu-Fri-Sat Nov 7-8-9 (9-5) and Sun Nov 10 (12-5).  ~TERESA

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