Saturday, February 22, 2014

Looking 'UP'

 The Atelier brick walls are perfect for displaying good stuff~

 12ft high walls - many people do look up because of the wonderful old pressed tin ceilings and cove.  You'll see the ceiling reflected in some of the mirrors here.

 Isn't this shade something else? Never know what you'll find.
 New retro-style
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying this wonderful old building.  We got the best compliment recently: 'coming in here is like a wonderful surprise'.
Yes, it is - hoping you can come by soon, TERESA


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So so lovely. We live in an 1857 Chicago brick farmhouse....and love our brick walls too. Looking forward to spring and heading your way on an antiquing adventure!

TERESA said...

Kari, what a nice surprise each time you comment - thank you!! I'd love to see photos of your farmhouse - what a dream it must be! Let me know when you're heading this way, we'll want to have something special for you.