Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We love JUNK BONANZA!  The energy, shoppers, vendors, a great venue - and the great junk!!!
 Setting up shop in an empty tiled space with black drapes is a challenge.

Adam designed and constructed the ladder arbor on the back wall.  You can barely see it here (dark brown).  It grounded our longest wall and set the stage.  
 And, off we went, staging.....
 Silver Partnership with JUNK BONANZA was an honor.

Two price tags...we get a little goofy sometimes.

 You've heard me say that I love parties - and staging vignettes for entertaining.  I actually am happy to offer glassware pieces that I find, and apparently you love them, too.
 There's always a petite bit of humor if you catch it.

 Pedestal glassware was filled with Easter grass from PARIS.  But of course--they do it well, I'll see if I can find a closeup photo.

 Eh voila - closeup of the cool PARIS Easter grass (shredded green paper in the gold rimmed dish on the right).
 Stunning old built-in mirror
Adam was King, that's for sure.  This is the only time he sat down - and we love it when he smiles!
Adam and Greg (not shown here today) loaded a 40ft trailer and hauled it all in.
 Karen and Jeanne held it all together inside.  More smiles!!
 And, of course - all of you.  What a happy, great time we had!  Now back at home, with new/fresh ideas - can't wait to start on them.  SPRINGTIME in PARIS, our annual grand event is coming up - Saturday May 10.  Call the shop (763 684-1254) for reservations. See you again at September JUNK BONANZA!  Merci, TERESA

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