Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ooh and la la la!

Saturday May 10 (our event day) is almost here, and all of us at The PORCH & Atelier are enjoying making this the best Springtime in PARIS yet!
PARIS is always a good idea......

We're bringing PARIS to you.  In our 1902 brick building bistro setting, with Chef Adam's menu (see below) it's quite the experience.
I like to bring the 'everyday' home -  couldn't resist this vellum butter wrapper - in my favorite 'perfect bleu'. The range of prizes fits every taste from espresso spoons to French scarves to Eiffel souvenirs to-- oh my, there's a basket FULL.
Have you been to my third floor apartment?  Bienvenue!  Enjoy a refreshing French 76!
Order of the day and menu du jour by Chef Adam (don't let me read it one more time, it makes me hungry!)
The PORCH level is open to everyone for a bonus shopping day, too.  
Stop by and say 'bonjour', TERESA

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