Monday, July 21, 2014

Miss Mustard Seed's Paint workshops & online ordering

Wow.  Wowee.  You see, it's not just the depth of color, the purity & quality of the product, the smooth-as-glass finish, or the fact that it's economical, guilt-free (an earth-friendly way to paint) and fun - it's something more....

It's the people behind Miss Mustard Seed's products.  Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed) has given her name to this paint.  Partnering with Homestead House, based in Toronto, they're producing all this wonderful product, and I've been very proud to be one of their retailers.  Their mission & the way they conduct business is a good fit with The PORCH & Atelier.  Even with their tremendous growth, they've always taken the time to personally address questions.  There are a lot of paints out there, and we choose this one.

 So, being proud of offering these products gives us another reason to welcome you to the shop: to 'paint with us'!  We've painted wood bowls....
 ...and now, for our 101 (basic) workshops: you will paint a chalkboard.  A great, paneled wood board - you paint and finish the frame, and add a chalk holder.
Look at all the smiles! Our next chalkboard workshop: Tuesday August 19, 6pm.  $29.  
Saturday August 23, 10am, $34, is an advanced technique workshop.  Paint a large wood tray, using a two-color resist method, finish by adding handles for carrying.
All supplies included in workshop fee; pre-register (763 684-1254).

Tricycle and Artissimo are the JULY colors of the month!  

The Atelier shop level is open every Thu-Fri-Sat.  If you want product at another time, let us know and we'll do our best to meet you.  And---check out our new online ordering feature!  Having too much fun - we love to paint.  ~TERESA


Carol G. said...

I would like to thank you for your prompt service with online ordering for MMSMP. I was surprised and pleased that you included a sample of another color for free. The fact that you have all colors and supplies in stock and your shipping rate is reasonable is what made me choose The Porch & Atelier. I will be sure to get my supplies from you in future. Thanks again

Teresa DeJarlais said...

Why, thank YOU, Carol! Your getting in touch with us means a lot, and is appreciated. We'll look forward to the next time we connect with you. Fun! ~TERESA