Monday, August 18, 2014

ooh and ah and staying on task

South wall, apartment kitchen
 FLEA MARKET STYLE'S Kim Yeager (writer: 'Foreign Accent', -my apartment- Fall issue) asked for photos, generously offering to blog the 'pre-FMS' happenings around the apartment.  Off and on for weeks, I've been weeding through photos, trying to decide what to send, and not all 250!  She patiently waits while I over-think this stuff.  Do you take too many photos, as I do?
I was flattered when Ki Nassauer spotted this blue - it's in every room of the apartment.  You'll see it on every page of the story, a mix of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint blues. As I'm perusing the photos, what's taking so much time is stopping to look and oh, look at that, I forgot how I loved this, and oh, I should....
You really do have to see more of my home.  I'd love that.

Erika Pirness of Portrait Lane took this photo, the one below, and the lantern/mirror above.  They're not in the magazine, and are 'pre-FMS' magazine photo shoot.
Anxious for you to see more!  The magazine will be for sale in the shop and on newsstands soon.  

I'll connect Kim Yeager's FLEA MARKET STYLE blogpost right here when the time comes.  ~TERESA

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Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Well congrats on such wonderful news! Looking forward to seeing more of your special home!