Sunday, September 21, 2014

It will be a 'detailed' week

Will you join us?
Lots to do, and it's all for you (OK, we do love this stuff, but you make it possible).

Which do I love more?  This hat form, or the stamped/engraved letters?

 By now, you may know we're setting up our petite shop at JUNK BONANZA this week.

 And, we're looking ahead to our October 2-3-4-5 Market at The PORCH & Atelier - the following week!  We have so much good and great happening here - in addition to our great PORCH vendors, we've been lucky to add new and returning friends.  

 We'll share more about them all very soon.

 We'd love to see you there - and then here September 30/October 2-3-4-5.
We're fully closed until opening Tuesday September 30 (9-noon).
Find us on the map - #257, all the way over to the right - see us??

We'll be seeing you all soon!

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