Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Preview ONE} Our 13th ANNIVERSARY Market!

Welcome new year!
We love newly upholstered.  This is one of four different, fresh chairs in the Atelier level.
How have we managed 157 sales here?  Because YOU keep coming back, bringing friends, staying in touch--making it possible.
In no particular order, here is the first photo run of our 157th Market!  
And, we'll have a great representation of what we do best - redefined pieces with style, inspiration, and great prices~
This redefined piece is reproduction: gaming wheel, cast iron, quality, and where can you get one for $49? 

 Keep scrolling, this is just the start~
 I've never seen the bench size in this style, have you?

 Two of these hardware bins.

 Room and Board chair
 I still have my frothy tree in the west Atelier window. But, it's now sitting on the coolest old oval Hungarian table.

 These pretty pieces were photographed 'at home', can you tell?

OPEN Thursday (January 1) 10-4; Friday-Saturday (January 2-3) 9-5; Sunday (January 4) noon-5.  


Cindy Meuwissen said...

I absolutely love your shop, and may have to move to Plymouth, just to be closer. It's always a great pleasure and pure delight to see what you have every month. Wish you a magnificent 2015!

Anonymous said...

I too am in love with your shop. I only wish MN (and Buffalo in particular)wasn't so far away from ALABAMA!! My best to you in the New Year. Keep doing what you're doing!! Sally

cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! Love to visit your shop. Hope to make it in Feb. A treat to visit with my daughter and my friend!