Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Preview TWO} January 1-2-3-4 Anniversary Market

Write us a note (in the comments) and be entered in our 2015 anniversary sale drawing!
Imagine you're writing it here, for everyone to see~
We love it here.  Have you noticed a culinary theme here and there?

Bright green (shocking bright!) sale tags - but some items are marked down on their original tag.
 Is everything marked a sale price?  No.  But you know we keep our prices as low as we can~
 Some (lots of) pieces just came in the door
 Perfect condition, clean, $28

And, as always, there is more to show you.  See you in the coming days, and if you can't be here to wish us 'happy anniversary', we'd love to see your comment below.  Thank you, TERESA


Tabby Talk said...

Happy Anniversary - I love going to the The Porch & Altelier - it's filled with treasures - small to large, with new treasures to find each trip - so exciting! Dawn

Teresa DeJarlais said...

Hello Dawn, and thank you for your comment. We have a $25 gift card for you! Congratulations, and we'll hold it at the shop - just ask when you're here. Valid through 4/30/14