Monday, February 9, 2015

Buffalo and SPACES Twin Cities magazine

Photo by Jeanne Cummings.  Thanking you again, Jeanne!
It's February, but this was my go-to photo when SPACES asked for ad content.  It's a beautiful shot of this great old building - the plant baskets on the railing guide you up the sidewalk, inviting you in.  

How it looks this time of year

Thank you, SPACES!  Your third feature in Buffalo, and we appreciate it!  And, a big thank you to everyone who came out here upon seeing the great coverage.

Love this fun postcard of the Eiffel Tower - too perfect for a little creative addition - like dropping our building right into the pastoral setting.  

We think PARIS is a good idea all year - but especially now, as we plan for our SPRINGTIME in PARIS at The PORCH & Atelier.  'Vintage French Garden' - here, Saturday March 21, by reservation. 

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