Monday, February 27, 2017

Our MARCH 2-3-4-5 shopping event!

 Can you believe we're ready to open again? February is a short month - but still enough time to turn it around, freshen it up, add, decorate and design.  
Not a complete tour today, but we want you to know this is the week!

Greenhouse fresh plants: 12" Algerian Ivies, 4" ivies, ferns, and more.

Several Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint pieces. 

Love the brightly colored labels on these crates!

When you come, stay a minute, see what is here, there, up & down

 We offered our first 24" clock workshop on Saturday. What a success! Watch for more workshop dates.
OK - not too soon to talk about Ladies Day Out, Buffalo, April 1. NO passports! Just shopping, prizes (great ones). You'll be hearing more about the day, as well as what will be happening here.

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