Tuesday, December 4, 2018

granddog & grandson love | 'Rescue Me'

You've heard of the new book: RESCUE ME?
It's not only beautiful, interesting, large, and high quality. It's about all those animals who touch our hearts and have found homes.

This page happens to be about my family and what our pups do for us - my family:
Oscar + Henry + Owen + Rachel + Chad + Macey + Laura + Adam (plus Jack)

Family photos are a challenge!
 Fifi's love of animals is well known - she's caring and lovely. 
 Did you know? RESCUE ME is available for purchase at Amazon.
Proceeds benefit rescue groups and animal shelters. 
Who's copying who?

I've posted my thoughts about RESCUE ME because I love the inspiring stories Fifi tells. Thanks for allowing me to share pride in my family - no other payment involved~ 

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Fifi o'neill said...

Thank you so so much for sharing your wonderful pets and lovely family. I am so grateful to you for having rescues these sweet fuzzies!
With much love to all.
Happy holidays and big hugs. xoxoxo fifi