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Friday, October 28, 2011

An autumn evening here~

It's not often we get a peek into evening Atelier windows~ Even I found myself saying 'wow!' I'd like to go in there~
Our west window last night~

I've been waiting for a chance to show our twig valance in the north window. Red twig dogwood simply hung over the curtain rod, add light strands, eh voila~

We had a great time at Ladies Night Out, alot of you told us it was fun to see it all lit up in the evening~

We were glowing, and we loved it!

We look pretty full from outside, don't we?

That evening glow was great for some indoor shots, too~

Holiday is appearing here and there for our November 1, 3-4-5-6 Market next week~

And, lots of great vintage finds~

Details galore to appreciate~

Paper quills

Soft colors~
Watch for photos tomorrow morning (Saturday 10/29) of some of the pieces coming in for next week - we're filling both levels as fast as we can~ TERESA

Monday, October 24, 2011

Annual 'Ladies Night Out'

Our petite downtown Buffalo is home to many events, all year~ This week, you're invited to our annual Ladies Night Out! Join us this Thursday, October 27 (4-8pm)! Walk the cobblestone sidewalks, stopping in here and there to enjoy refreshments and in-store specials. Start the fun (and get your passport) at Lillians, Something Savvy, or Sterling Drug. Then, get stamped at each shop for extra prizes, given away at 8:00pm at BJ's Deli.
The Atelier level (only) will be open that day 10-8, with the event starting at 4:00. What's happening here? Sparkling cider and other refreshing treats, a Sassy Cass jewelry trunk show....Plus: register in the Atelier for one $25 gift certificate prize, and have your passport stamped at each participating shop for your chance to win the second!

Hoping to see you, it's always alot of fun! ~TERESA

Friday, October 9, 2009

A grand time at Ladies Night Out

~Welcoming blue canning jar luminaries were tucked into our herb gardens in the back courtyard, and at both shop entrances.
~Our autumn garden in the back courtyard was softly lit. It was a cool evening, but not wet or chilly for the walkers.

Travelers at the stoplight outside the Atelier entrance this week couldn't miss our sign, proclaiming the downtown Buffalo shopping event~
~I love the way the shops glow when open in the evening

~You may have enjoyed the lively atmosphere on the streets and sidewalks in the normally quiet, petite downtown Buffalo last night~ Groups of friends/family having fun, making their way to each shop on their Ladies Night Out passports! Many of them were new to our little downtown, and asked for suggestions to plot their passport route.
The best part of the evening? Everyone having so much fun, and feeling special - each store (18) had food & drink, giveaways and sales, and many of those enjoying it referred to it as 'trick or treating for women'. There was a drawing for prizes at the end of the event, and I'm anxious to meet the lucky person who won The PORCH & Atelier gift certificate! I hope they stop by soon so that I can congratulate them in person~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Downtown Buffalo shops will be open this Thursday evening, offering you a grand time!
Both levels here will be open 3-8pm. Wine & cider, appetizers, prizes, and 20% off jewelry!
We hope you can be here~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

'Ladies Night Out' in downtown Buffalo

We're excited for this annual event!
Early enough in the Fall for great weather, the streets are full of happy people! Bring your friends, and spend the evening walking our beautiful little downtown. Every year, downtown Buffalo shops go all out to welcome you - we'll have food & drink, giveaways, and 20% off our jewelry~ It's alot of fun! We hope to see you~